Sylt in winter. Cem, trainee with the island’s Department of Sanitation, and Jesús, a stray in search of his place in the world – they meet and decide to give each other a chance. But the more they begin to mean to each other, the more those around them shake their heads in disbelief. The two young men come up with four rules for their relationship: thou shalt not smoke dope. Thou shalt not vomit. Thou shalt not tell lies. Thou shalt not die. Unfortunately, they are not able to honor all four.

„What interests me is the question: what happens when someone who’s firmly grounded in life, with family, friends and his future perfectly mapped out, what happens when he meets someone who has stopped believing in himself or anything or anyone else around him? How does the one deal with the other? I wanted to tell the story of two guys whose lives start spinning out of control as soon as they meet. The one young man, Cem, comes to realize that everything he thought was important in life could have possibly lost its importance. And the other, Jesús, for whom everything has already lost its importance, suddenly understands that he’s found someone who means something to him – and to whom Jesús seems to mean something as well.


Jesús and Cem seem to fall out of time. That’s what it’s about. Seeing the world in someone special and loosing interest in everything else around you. Relinquishing control because of it. Giving up your independence. Realizing that in the end, two people never want the same thing. That there’s always one who loves more than the other. The island is perfect for that. It’s a type of confinement. One minute it’s heaven, the next hell.“

(Tim Staffel, Director)